Homes that live in You

Home. The very word evokes a gushing cascade of emotions and memories. It brings to mind carefree days of our childhood- of family gatherings filled with laughter, and pictures of growing up with neighbours just as close as family; in a community that extended far enough to include the local grocer, the milkman and the barber. It is the solid core around which our relationships are built and memories enriched. No wonder then that in India, we step out of home with a parting ‘Aata hoon!’ - a promise to return to the one place that truly makes us feel belonged.

In short, home isn’t just where we are, but who we are.

For the last 20 years at Shriram Properties, we have been building sensibly designed spaces, to bring this sense of identity to life. And in the process, we ended up creating homes that you just don’t live in, but homes that live in you!