Trusted consumer base of 15,000 customers across 6 cities. Venturing into Mumbai.


Shriram Properties launched Shriram Grand City, an integral township project in Uttarapara, Kolkatta.

The same year Shriram Properties delivered over 12 million sq. ft. across 26 projects.

2010 – 2015

Shriram Properties delivered over 10 million sq. ft. of development consisting of over 9,500 units.

Shriram Properties attracted several investments, including USD 85 million from TATA Capital and USD 72 million from TPG Capital. ASK property partnered with Shriram Properties for USD 135 million range of development in Bengaluru.

2008 - 2010

Shriram Properties delivered over 5 million sq. ft. of development with over 4,000 units across the country. In what came to be known as the largest investment in the real estate sector, Walton Street Capital and Starwood Capital invests USD 108 million in Shriram Properties, a strategic alliance that helped Shriram properties scale up.

The same year HYPO Bank made a commitment of USD 132 million for Shriram The Gateway, a SEZ project, of which USD 85 million was disbursed.

With land acquisition, Shriram Properties ventures into Andhra Pradesh and Kolkata. Shriram Properties also embarked on their first mini-township project in Vishakapatnam.

Shriram Properties launched their first residential project Shriram Shankari in Chennai.
Shriram Properties penetrated the Coimbatore market with its first residential projects Shriram Hyyde Park.
In one of the earliest FDI in the industry, SUN-APPOLO invests USD 54 million in Shriram Properties. The same year Shriram Properties started work on Shriram The Gateway, a flagship SEZ office space project in Chennai, along with acquiring lands for projects in Chennai.
1999 - 2000
Shriram Properties started two new properties in Bengaluru – Shriram Shankari and Shriram Shivranjani.
Shriram Properties launched their first residential project in Bengaluru – Shriram White House
Shriram Group entered the Indian Realty Sector with the inception of Shriram Properties in October 1995